Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday wine/whine

Hello, Friday!
I used to look forward to you. I love my weekends.
Now, the coming of each Friday is as the bells of doom.
Exams are approaching very quickly, and each Friday means seven less days to study.
Okay, that is enough drama and enough negative thinking. ;)
On the bright side, each Friday means seven less days of the PAIN of second year. I am confident that I will pass. Therefore, there is very little to stress about.
Our poor year are starting to fret, both about exams and the location of their third-year placements. I am mildly concerned, but am mostly resigned to the fates. 
Wish us all luck.


Elaine said...

I do indeed wish you all luck!

The Girl said...

Thanks, elaine. :)

Mayhem said...

"I am mildly concerned, but am mostly resigned to the fates."

If there's ever been a more profound way to sum up the entire medical school experience, I've yet to hear it.

The Girl said...

Caring about certain things in medical school is wasted energy. ;)

Dragonfly said...

"I am mildly concerned, but am mostly resigned to the fates." Good grief, how did you know how I was feeling about my exams?

Hope you enjoy some wine as well :-)

The Girl said...

Good luck with your exams!
So then, schools of medicine the world over must produce astoundingly irrelevant and ridiculous exams, perhaps to "teach" all of us medical students a little balance and to not take them too seriously. ;)

Milk and Two Sugars said...

You're back!!!

Good luck with the study. Mine is going shite this weekend so I hope yours is better! It's lovely to see you again.

The Girl said...

Thanks so much! I have decided to just blog what I am thinking rather than getting so bound up about what to write that I don't write anything at all.
I hope your study gets better - I am just pottering through, as usual. :)
It is when I farf around and look up things that are interesting that I actually seem to learn. :D