Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ant Attack!

The ants are back in our house, and are attacking in force. They are EVERYWHERE, and I will be lucky if I don't lose another random piece of electrical equipment again before the exterminator gets here. 
In the past, these creatures have destroyed our answering machine, fire alarms and on occasion will start to swarm the bench when I am preparing dinner. It is horrible!
The cats have about ten minutes to eat their food before the hoards descend. 
Sometimes they (ants, not cats) swarm the toilet bowl for no apparent reason, massing under the rim of the seat and making it very easy to get rid of them until they build up again five minutes later. Note: my toilet is clean. 
They have building up for weeks now, so what has stopped me from calling in the exterminator and fixing the problem? Yes, that's right - I am ashamed about the state of my garden. It resembles a wild forest and I feel bad about any exterminator having to work his way through it, machete in hand, finding the source of the ants. 
To be honest, I suspect that one or two of the nests may be working their way into our house, so it is probably better that I swallow my shame and call the bug man in sooner rather than later. Wish him luck. 


Elaine said...

Good luck to you and to him.

Definiitely long past time you had him in. Ants. Eugh.

The Girl said...

Thanks. :)
We have our fingers crossed.

Dragonfly said...

Good luck with the apocalyptic army of ants

The Girl said...

Thanks. I adore your alliteration. :P