Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ploughing on

It has been a week and I feel like I should write another post.

Surgery continues to be trying. I like the staff, but there are so many demands on our time. This would be merely inconvenient by itself, but we also have a large exam looming next week which is well known for its high failure rate.

More than half of the previous group who went through needed to either get their papers remarked or resit a section of the exam.

I am working hard at studying, and have been for the whole rotation, but I hold no illusions. I'm going to walk into this one assuming that it isn't going to be marked so that I'll pass.

In a way, this takes the edge of my anxiety, but makes me cynical and exhausted at the same time. I want to spend my holidays having a break from being a medical student, not studying for a supplementary exam. Oh well. Fingers crossed.


Milk and Two Sugars said...

Good luck, Girl!

The Girl said...

Thanks. Fingers crossed. The gauntlet starts tomorrow, with a take-home exam. I have finished the assignments for this rotation, turning in the last one early tonight. Soon I will be at the end and will be able to rest.