Sunday, December 20, 2009

The spirit of Christmas future

I'm scared.

I have found out that my Uncle and his new wife are both big Elvis fans. She is very new, both to him, and to the country, so we are all being quite polite and friendly.

That said, if Elvis goes into the CD player on Christmas day, there are many things that can and WILL happen to it at my parents' rural property. The nice thing is that there will be no way to tell who did what.

I don't go and put on Tori Amos and expect everybody to love it. That would be ludicrous.

Really, when you go to a group event with a very mixed demographic, you need to be a bit careful about what music you put on, particularly if you intend to play the whole CD, and play it loudly.

It is Christmas, for crying out loud. It is a time for jingles, for "togetherness", for loads of drinking and eating and relaxation. Some of my family will be working my last nerve. Put on Elvis, and I won't be responsible for what happens.

(One or two Elvis songs might be okay. But these are a group of people with so little insight into the diversity of human opinion or taste that they will put on Abba really loudly - for hours - and expect everybody to love it. Because the Abba movie was popular. Therefore, all young people must love Abba, too. FFS.)


Dragonfly said...

I think that too much Hound Dog (i.e more than once) would be worse than hearing about the
power of orange knickers myself...
Sort of like when people play anything by Boney M...over and over and over. For example. They even have a Christmas song (oh the horror).

The Girl said...

Too true!

My brother's fiancee and I are devising a plan of attack, in case the king makes an unwelcome appearance.