Thursday, May 6, 2010

The dreaded lurgy

There really isn't a lot to talk about medicine-wise, except that I have managed to catch an URTI from the doctors. I'm not sure which doctor, as they were all coming into work as sick as dogs (which doctors are pretty much expected to do). I have taken a little time off to get well.

Normally I push myself to go in and then have to pike after a couple of hours, but I am making myself stay home and rest for a day or so in the hope that I will get over this silly thing faster.

The really sad thing is that I am going to have to miss the 8km Mother's Day Classic fun run. :( Oh well.


*C said...

I just love people who bring their sickness to work to share their pain around. A problem shared is a problem... multiplied?

Hope you're feeling better soon.

The Girl said...

Thanks. I'm just feeling exhausted at the moment and want to sleeeeep.