Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I Have Learned During Internship #2

I actually enjoy teaching (or trying to teach) medical students.

It probably helps that it has been a very short amount of time since I was a student, so I remember what it is like. As a student, any time you get doing interactive learning of practical skills feels immensely valuable and helps keep you interested.

Also, there are no "gunners" in the group of students who are on my ward, although they are all generally enthusiastic, so it is fun to tell them what I know and try to get them to start learning practical skills.

Nobody has followed me into the bathroom yet, so all is well with the world. I guess that since I'm not the one marking them, they don't feel the need to impress me with their keenness at every opportunity.

This results in a level of interaction where they are with me for only short periods of time, and are doing other things most of the time, allowing for brief and enthusiastic interactions where I don't get tired of them, and they don't completely exhaust my limited pool of knowledge. Fun times.


XE said...

Residents are the BEST teachers. Thanks so much for being enthusiastic about the med students' learning, we really really appreciate it!

The Girl said...

I think we remember and know just how much we relied on teaching, and how much we still need it, so it is nice to be able to help somebody else for a change. ;)

*C said...

I hope I bump into your kindred spirits over my way!

...I think teaching could be interesting too (in the very distant future for me). I hope you're doing well - and glad you're finding time to blog.