Monday, May 9, 2011

Strange Things To Be Jealous Of . . .

. . . when you would rather not be on your way to work.

1) The magpies by the side of the road. They get to be outside all day and leaping around on the grass. You get to be inside doing paperwork.

2) The people out on their morning walk at the crack of dawn, while you are already in your car on your way to work. They have more leisure time and will probably live longer lives.

3) The person who cleans your house. Some days medicine is too stressful and you would rather wipe benches and clean toilets.

4) The mother getting her kids ready for the school run in the morning. Because sometimes you question your life choices.

5) Your pets, who will still be on your bed when you have been at work for 6 hours and it will be at least another 7 hours before you are home again.

6) Your spouse when he/she is sick for the day, for the same reason as number 5).

Most days I am glad to be where I am. But every now and again there are moments when I look out and dream of being elsewhere.


Dragonfly said...

Those "early morning joggers" when I was heading to work, often chugging down coffee used to make me feel a little green.
I remember going out for breakfast once with my surg team when a list was cancelled for some reason and we were all blinking at the sunshine saying "is this what the day looks like??"

Ms-Ellisa said...

I am totally with you on that...

I am jealous of anyone who never cared to be an A-student...

Sometimes I wish I was a hairdresser.

They get to work and chit-chat.

Nadia said...

Hey there! Our blogs have almost the same name! :D I came across your blog when I 'googled'

I'm in my final year in med school and I often wonder how life is going to turn out...It won't be a surprise to me if I start being jealous of the things you just mentioned.

Milk and Two Sugars said...

Oh, so true. There are so many freedoms to be jealous of! I hope that after internship there'll be more time for being outside and mindless cleaning and so on. I used to be jealous of my patients who got to rest in bed all day! (Obviously I then realised I wasn't jealous of their being sick but, still...) Hope you've got a little free time coming up for fun things.

The Girl said...

Dragonfly, I know that feeling. After a huge run of long shifts when I am home during the daylight hours, it seems strange that my house can be so full of light.

Nadia, good luck. If I was to give one bit of advice it would be that internship can be awful, but it is a pathway to something (hopefully) better.

M&2S, it is astounding how much you can be jealous as a working hospital doctor. There will be free time, I believe in it!