Sunday, February 4, 2007

Me and my overheated brain

We're halfway through the weekend and I still have to study all of what we covered last week. How on earth am I going to keep up with everything as we move through?

I guess I'll just have to do my best, focus on the main things and try to stay sane.

And it's a stinker of a day again. I'm getting tired of the summer. Let's just say I'm slightly jealous of MedStudentGod and his snowy weather. Years ago I lived where it snowed in winter. It was lovely. I would walk home in the dark from the busstop, scoop some fluffy snow from the bushes beside me and puff on it, to watch it react just like I had done the same thing to a handful of bubblebath. Priceless. (I choose to forget the muddy slush as the snow melted, or the harrowing bus trips through the dark as the bus skidded along the icy roads.)

I hate sitting at my desk trying to study in the heat and humidity. My only trick is to roll up some icecubes in a towel, wet the towel and drape it around my neck as I sit there trying not to melt. The fan helps slightly. My poor brain just wants to go to sleep, but I keep poking it to get it to learn. (Mentally. I poke my brain mentally. Just thought I would clear that up.)

Enough whingeing about the heat - I am off to the shops to spend some of the gift vouchers I got for Christmas! I hope the air-conditioning is exta cold!

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