Thursday, February 1, 2007

This old dog has a couple of teeth left

I HAD written a nice long post about how bullying is horrific, how there was no excuse for it ever, and about how I would not tolerate it happening to myself or anybody around me, particularly at university, where it is easier to tell somebody to go to hell than in an employment situation, particularly if you are a lowly worker and they are a big scary uber-boss.

I had talked about how there are some times when some minor things must be borne, but in a university situation when we are all supposed to stick together and support each other (or at least not openly attack and belittle one another) there was no excuse.

I said that we should not only ensure that we ourselves don't bully, but be confident, strong and empowered enough to stand up for those around us and let them know that we are there and that the person who bullied them is well and truly in the wrong, and back them up if they need it.

However, adding the picture of the dog onto this mildly thoughtful and emotional post, I managed to somehow select the script I had typed and replaced it with the code linking to the dog picture. Never mind. The dog picture somehow says much more.

Just picture a group of uni students discussing something. It's deep, meaningful and complex, with lots of long chemicals involved. And possibly the kidneys. Somebody says that they don't understand, at which point they begin to be mocked by another group member. Let's make it two. Suddenly, this scary dog appears, and with her scary dog breath, tells them to pipe down, grow up or get out. They are at university for God's sake. If they can't manage respect for those not as "perfect" as themselves now as students, we all already know what they are going to turn into when they become consultants.

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