Sunday, November 11, 2007

In-laws: enough already!

Having been married quite a while now, I have a little advice I would like to share on the subject of mother-in-laws:

1) Don't say what you are thinking, unless you are being directly trampled on, in which case, keep a level head and try to stand up for yourself without giving the other party ammunition or reason to make the situation any worse.

2) Keep your distance. Preferably over a thousand kilometers and over multiple state lines.

3) The longer you can leave having kids, the longer they will keep their distance.

4) I'm also planning on spending time teaching my kids how to dress up as little punks and act like they have attitude around grandma ("Barbie is a misogynist symbol of a repressive, capitalist society, Nanna!"), in order to score new clothes and brownie points from Mum.

*sigh* I can only dream. ;)


Milk and Two Sugars said...

As much as I agree with you, I have to remark: the picture you have chosen to accompany this post is totally macarbe and makes me feel scared and vulnerable (as the movie did when I was 11). Why did you chose it?

The Shrink said...

My mother in law and my mother are absolutely fine with my wife and me, and our kids. Just as long as we do everything their way, of course ;-)

The Girl said...

M&2S, I chose it as it is the expression on my face while on the phone with my MIL. ;)

Shrink, but why would you do any different? :D

missbliss said...

All taken on board...

I didn't even consider the children things. no children for me for a loooooong time then.

The MSILF said...

I just plan on not letting my kids learn a shared language with the in-laws.