Sunday, December 2, 2007

The joys of Christmas shopping on-line

Christmas is just around the corner. For once, I have finished my Christmas shopping. This year I did it almost completely on-line.

One of the biggest advantages of this for me, is that you can start to build up a list of things that you want, then order them when you feel ready. There is no in-store pressure and you don't have to worry about driving another 30 minutes back to the store the next time you have a day off in order to actually buy the product. You can shop at any time of the day, and avoid the crowds.

Now I just have to wait for it to arrive so I can sit in front of the tv and wrap everything.

I'm not a complete recluse, and don't mind going to the shops around Christmas time. It is nicer to be able to take your time, stop and have a coffee and people-watch (one of my favourite spectator sports), without having to freak out and worry about whether you have remembered to buy presents for the people on your list.

Indeed, we went shopping for Christmas-tree lights this afternoon, and I had the luxury of being able to wander around in-store and look at all of the decorations without feeling any pressure to buy anything or shop for anybody else, while my better half went looking for the exact lights he wanted. It was actually more fun than normal shopping.

Now I am going to hang the wreath on the door, find the table decorations and the Christmas decorating will all be done! I hope your Christmas preparation is similarly relaxed!

I'm not going to cook much to bring to Christmas lunch this year. I went mad last year, but this year I'm going to make one main dish and one cake. Scrap the cake. I'm bringing chocolate soy ice-cream! Nobody else will touch it and it will be mine, all mine!!

This year has been stressful enough. It is time for a break.


Sid said...

What online shops did you use?

The boy and I tried one of the shopping centres yesterday, and it was already crazy, circling for carparks, and it only December 1st. We gave up almost straight away, moaning we'd left it too late to get everyone presents off amazon... but once back at the computer I discover That's half my people covered. And than I remember dStore, full of shopping centre junk without the shopping centre.... the rest of the family now set. Woo! A new Christmas tradition created at total postage $12.50. Wouldn't mind adding some more variety next year, tho.

(Reading your blog for a while now, probably because you post more regularly than all the Angry Pharmacists. So, hi and stuff. :))

The Girl said... (with expedited shipping due to international shipping and Chrissie only being a few weeks ago) as well as ezydvd.

Good move with finding new shops to use!

This time of year I am reluctant to go to a shopping centre unless it is right on opening time. The rest of the day is just too mad!

Thanks for the comment. I have been a bit slack with posting lately, but plan to get into it a bit more. It is a little bit of of a verbal workout, considering that as a medical student I don't seem to use my written language skills much at all. ;)

Gina said...

My Christmas shopping usually starts out like yours - relaxed with lots of shopping done early. For me, though, it is always that last one or two presents, that get me. Or the string of Chirstmas lights that burn out. For one reason or another, I always seem to venture out to the stores a day or two before Christmas when everything is crazy and nothing is in-stock anyway. Oh well, part of the holiday fun, I guess!

The Little Medic said...

I'm going to do the vast majority of my christmas shopping online this year too.
Its so much more convenient and there is so much more to choose from than in the shops.