Sunday, January 13, 2008

Breaking out is easier the second time

The holidays are winding down and we are all preparing to return to uni. I have had a very busy break, as I was working in my old profession the whole time and had little time to catch up with uni friends, most of whom were overseas or interstate anyway.

There are a number of advantages to being able to return to your old job in your holidays. These would have to include:

1) Having the reasons why you hate your old job and want to complete your studies in medicine rammed down your throat again and again and again until you have to physically restrain yourself from putting your head through the wall. I am going to study so much harder in the coming year with this extra motivation driving me!

2) Topping up the old bank account. I have made a resolution to not buy any textbooks this year. Let's count the weeks until this resolution fails! ;)

3) Catching up with old work-mates, who are generally the sole reason I am physically capable of returning to work. I love my colleagues! (With the odd exception, of course.)

4) Being in the air-conditioning over the hot Australian summer. I'm not kidding - for me, this is an advantage.

5) Having some time feeling like a competent professional, walking around the hospital with a purpose rather than floating like the average medical student. Sadly there were no other medical students on prac at my work-place whom I could pimp on my area of expertise. I just had to quiz the students who are training in my area instead. ;) (Note: I am really nice to students, and take the time to teach them. I know what it is like, having had very recent experience myself. :) )

6) Did I mention the money? Oh, and I like opening payslips, too!

I am now back to being an unemployed student (or an unpaid domestic worker, as I have some things to do to the house) and taking some time off before things return to the fun and insanity of student life. I love being a medical student, more than I have loved being any kind of student before. I'm old and mean enough to know that if I didn't love it, I wouldn't be here, so that is of great comfort to me as we slide head-first into another year of study madness!
Getting out of the old job is much easier the second time. I know where I am going and I am aware of how challenging and rewarding it is going to be.


Andywhere said...

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Milk and Two Sugars said...

When I was a kid, one of the biggest drawcards I could see to becoming a doctor was that they worked in climate controlled environments! It still is - I love love love hospitals.

Glad you're seeing the bright side of life at the moment!

ads said...

ive been working in my break between 1st and 2nd year too girl, the money is great and i love the payslip opening too! i just hope i'm not tired before ive even started..... don't work too hard.

The Girl said...

Work is over, I am concentrating on holidaying hard for the next little while! :D

studentdoctoruk said...

hey, after reading your blog for a while i've only just noticed that you're from australia! if i wanted to do my elective in australia doing A&E and trauma is there anywhere you would recommend?

The Girl said...

Any of the major centres. Talk to them and find out how keen they are to take on students, as some of them are probably more keen to take students on than others. Choose somewhere near where you might like to take a holiday. ;) Good luck!