Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Spring Cleaning

If you look to the right, you will see some slight changes.

I took the chance to add a poll, which should be particularly relevant to the medical students amongst you - although feel free to flash back to the days of your student life and remember how this phrase made you feel, too!

I also did some sorting out amongst the blogs - there were getting to be so many of them there that they needed tidying. For some reason, psychiatrists seem to be more prolific bloggers than radiologists. Interesting . . .

This way I will be able to find them more easily at a glance.

I don't quite know what the cat has to do with spring cleaning. I don't think it really matters - SO CUTE!!! AWWW look at the kitty!! :D

Hope your new year is treating you well!


Roy from Shrink Rap said...

Hey, Girl! Happy New Year to you, from your friends at Shrink Rap.

The Girl said...

Thanks, Roy. Same to all of you! :)

The Little Medic said...

Any excuse for pictures of cats is a good one.

oh dear god I sound like a girl.

The Girl said...

Everybody can love cats! They have claws, sharp, pointy teeth, and are obligate carnivores. This would have to fit the stereotype of a "manly" animal, wouldn't it? :)

Harry said...

Happy New Year too!

Like the poll, I tried using bloggers polls when they first came out and found it wasn't too reliable. Is it better now??

The Shrink said...

"psychiatrists seem to be more prolific bloggers than radiologists"

So, tell me, what do you think about that?
Meh, I jest.
I reckon it's just that us shinks like to talk :-)