Friday, April 4, 2008

Medical school is tough

However, I think that you only really learn how brave you are until you find yourself facing an unexpected mountain and then find a way to conquer it.
I just loved this post from downunderdocs so much that I had to link to it. I hope they don't mind.
It shows great insight and honesty, and is also a warning for those about to embark on medical studies that it isn't all beer and skittles. 
It might have been a scarring experience, but I have a strong hunch that the author will be a much better doctor because of it. :)


E said...

Aw thanks, that's really nice of you :)
It was a hard time, but do i appreciate having had the experience, and i just wanted to let other students know that it "could happen to them." No one is immune from these sorts of set backs. Thanks again.

The Girl said...

No worries. The more people who read this, the better. :)