Sunday, April 6, 2008

Whoah, 50's flashback . . .

I had a Stepford Wives flashback this morning, when this article left me seething mad. 
Why? Therese Rein may be the wife of the Prime Minister, but she is also a multi-millionaire and a self-made, successful businesswoman who is a confident leader in her own right.
These "fashion" experts have reduced her to the level of armpiece eye-candy, saying that she should endeavour to look more "chic," that "everyone can gain confidence from a makeover," and that she should "blow out her trademark curls into a sleeker do," amongst other equally bile-producing comments.
I have not read such a load of misogynistic tripe in a very long time. Are we in the 1950's, where the woman had to look perfect to impress the guests, being seen and not heard, and coming straight out of that ultimate woman-mould? 
Who cares if she has business nouse and built up and run successful companies? Get her some new shoes, quick!! Does Kevin Rudd (her husband) have to have a new briefcase every day of the tour? Then why should she have to bring a handbag collection to match those new shoes? After all, she probably has a lot less paperwork to carry around! 
(Whoops, I forgot about the makeup, hair products and other beauty essentials that every chic polit-spouse gal needs! Silly me!)
Has ANYBODY EVER even looked at the shoes that the male politicians wear? I am certain I have spotted a lot of suits that don't fit too well on the world stage. Nobody ever says a peep about the men. How about the husbands of the female politicians? When was the last time you heard somebody say that Bill Clinton needed a makeover so that Hillary could be taken more seriously? 
Does the fact that she has kept her own surname after marriage or her history of being the ultimate career woman not offer any hints that there may be a brain and a personality behind the face that matters more than the colour of her dress??
Apparently if you are a woman, you should be seen, and be seen to be exactly as everybody expects you to look. 
Clearly, our PM respects his wife. Perhaps our society should advance another step or ten, so we are capable of doing the same.
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one thinking along these lines. 


Milk and Two Sugars said...

I can't read those magazines or news paper articles. I just spend the entire time making derisive comments and affronted snorting noises.

But you make a good point: the PM is the first I've seen who so overtly respects his wife's achievements and capabilities. He's actually a good role model in that respect!

E said...

i HATE that too. people are always talking about hillary clinton's outfits and hair. Nobody on the campaign trail ever said that George W looks like a monkey (he does!).

Also, i wanted to let you know that i emailed the grand rounds guy at my husband's insistance. I don't know what happens next but thanks for the info! :)

The Girl said...

I'm glad you e-mailed in for grand rounds - I hope it gets accepted. :)