Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For everything else . . .

Climbing into a warm bed at the end of a hard day of study: precious.
Doing 20 minutes of guided relaxation to help switch off your brain: valuable.
Two minutes of dozing: lovely.
The sound of the cat throwing up his entire dinner (and then some) on the hallway carpet just outside the bedroom: inevitable, really.
Your half-asleep husband complaining and asking you when you are finally coming to bed and turning the lights off, while you are on your knees in the hallway cleaning cat puke out of the carpet: priceless.  
Thank the gods for the ability to laugh at life. :)


Dragonfly said...

Hehe. Well, at least he didn't do it on the bed.

The Girl said...

Very true. :D

After a few years of having cats, you learn to listen out for the pre-vomit noise, even in your sleep, so that if a cat is making the noise while on the bed, he/she isn't on the bed for very much longer! :)

Lily said...

This has almost put me off my lifetime goal of being a crazy cat lady... but not quite.

The Girl said...

I would rather clean up cat vomit than many other pet-related "gifts" any day of the week. :D

Anonymous said...

Haha. I just searched for "pre-vomit noise" on Google and found this. My cat's pre-vomit noise is a two-tone "WA-la-WA-la-WA-la" like a pukey ambulance.