Monday, June 16, 2008


It seems that I blinked and suddenly second-year is half over. Wow. Christmas and third-year will be here soon, and I am very excited about spending all of my time doing clinical work, but not so excited about leaving my jeans and t-shirts at home. I'm a happy dag. 
This year I have learned a lot, both scholastically and personally. The best thing that I have done so far is get into meditation and learn some perspective. Suddenly, exams aren't the be-all and end-all, they are just another hurdle to get out of the way and a slot to fill in in my diary. It is quite a refreshing change of view, and was quite a challenge to test it out recently!
I am getting to the age where I can tell how much time has passed by looking at how much the young children of friends and family have grown since I saw them last. At one recent party, I initially thought that a one-year-old was her older sister, as I hadn't seen any of them in over a year and the sibling resemblance was very strong! It was a confusing moment. :)
I am very much looking forward to earning money again and working as an intern, but in the meantime I think I will hang around in my jeans and t-shirt for a little while longer and enjoy the luxury of full-time study.

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