Thursday, January 22, 2009

Year Three Begins!

I am still here, I am still alive, I am still a medical student, and I am even happier than ever. :)
I have passed second year and done well. All of the stress and the worry over the exams was really for nothing, although I'm sure that just about every medical student who has ever been through this process could attest to having felt the same way. 
After having a rough year, I had the luxury of actually experiencing a proper holiday, and spent the last few months resting and recuperating at home. It was quite lovely, and I have not let myself have time off like this in years. I can recommend it to anybody who has the opportunity!
Of course, we went away to visit family for a few weeks, which was also fantastic, and I managed to gain back the weight I had managed to lose in the weeks between exams and the trip, but such is life. At least I had fun doing it. 
Everybody I know is so excited about starting third year. We are all going off into different rotations, so it will take extra effort to stay in touch, but at least we will have a lot to tell each other when we do catch up. My first rotation is in Psychiatry, and I have been looking forward to it since day one of medical school.
I will try to post more regularly here in the coming year, and make it more relevant to medical school. That said, everything will still be confidential, and I will be very careful to not mention anything about the patients themselves. I have been tempted to make this blog private, and may yet do this in the future, depending on what I want to write about. Time will tell.


Milk and Two Sugars said...

Oh, I'm glad you're still here! It makes sense that you weren't posting for a while, a proper break from medicine means not writing a medical blog too! As to keeping things medically relevant, I have to admit to being interested in all of you, not just the medical aspect. Will look forward to reading more this year.

Terra said...

Welcome back!! I was starting to worry that you had disappeared! Good luck on your first placement - I hope it lives up your expectations!

The Girl said...

Sometimes a break is good to refocus and hopefully I'll get back into it after the time off (med and blogging). :)