Thursday, May 14, 2009

Goodbye, Elaine

I don't know that many of you would know Elaine. She was a blogger who wrote a blog entitled "Old Age Is A Bitch," and dropped in quite regularly to share her thoughts and encouragement.
Her sister, Enid, wrote a number of entries recently, as Elaine had gone into hospital due to her declining health.
She passed away yesterday in hospital, aged 67 years. I didn't really know her, but feel her family's loss and am saddened by her passing. 67 is too young. Farewell, Elaine. Your presence will be missed.


sara said...

Thanks for letting me know. Hadn't kept up lately.

Enid (TBSITW) said...

Thank you for including Elaine on your blog. I am very touched that there was so much interest in what she had to say.

The Girl said...

It was a pleasure, Enid. She was a lovely lady.