Friday, October 2, 2009

The End of All Things Holidays!

I had an "interesting" week off. We had a huge assignment to do, so I spent a fair bit of time either thinking about, doing or avoiding that. They give us "holidays" in this course, but fill them up with things that we are supposed to do while taking time off.

I can't wait for real work, when you get to spend your breaks travelling and getting away, as opposed to doing assignments, studying (depending on where you are in training of course) or working a paying job so that you can afford to continue to study.

I also spent quite a bit of time cooking and re-acquainting myself with my house and cats. This was quite lovely. It is incredible how quickly you get used to living differently and so when you arrive home with fresh eyes, things seem strange and exciting.

I have also changed a number of things about our house this week (minor organisational details), cleaned out some cupboards (spices from 2003 probably don't taste very nice) and relaxed.

Not having been to the gym for a couple of months, I went back again this morning. I did a Pump class, which is a group weights session with a high number of repeats and low weights. I haven't done it in a while and so I was SORE afterwards, and no doubt will be quite sore tomorrow! I also remembered just how much of a challenge it is to wash your hair when you don't feel up to lifting your arms above your head.

Things are getting back to normal, and it is just lovely. All that remains is for The Man to get back from working far, far away, and I will be happier.

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