Thursday, March 11, 2010


One more hurdle and then I am finished with the first rotation of fourth year - The Exam.

If it weren't for the excitement over what this exam means in relation to my planned escape from medical school, it would not warrant the capital letters. You see, it is an exam that is about anything and everything, and thus it is almost impossible to "study" for. Thus, we are all experiencing Learned Helplessness and are suitably apathetic. I am more nervous about the drive in the morning traffic than the exam itself.

The learning has happened over the last three and a bit years (including all of the seemingly random cellular physiology from first year) and if it isn't in our heads now, then we won't know it.

My main aim on this rotation was to focus on the things that will make me a safe and competent intern. I think I have achieved this as much as possible given the circumstances. If I happen to pass the exam (which is fairly likely, unless they happen to base the whole thing around the fine details of the krebs cycle) I will be happy.

I have the afternoon off, which is something I am very excited about. The afternoon may involve shoe shopping. They will be Sensible shoes, particularly because I have managed to demolish three pairs on this rotation by wearing out and detaching the soles. The new shoes will be solid and suitable for stomping. Solid stomping shoes don't lose their soles after 8 weeks of walking.

So here is to finishing the first rotation of year four, and new Stomping shoes!


Milk and Two Sugars said...

:) Wishing you the best exam ever. You sound in the right head-space, so I doubt you'll need luck. What day is it to be so that I can be thinking of you?

The Girl said...

It is this morning. It will be over and done with before lunch. Thanks for the good thoughts. :)

selenocentric said...

I hope all went well with The Exam, and here's hoping you find some suitable "stomping" shoes. I know how hard they can be to find!