Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spinach: the multi-purpose food

Good for eating AND good for applying to sore lower legs as an improvised ice-pack!

I have also decided that you can't say you are into running training until you have your first real chafing experience.

There aren't photos. I wouldn't do that to you.

Let's just say that I am in love with band-aids that can be cut to an appropriate size, and have also invested in some anti-chafe stuff.


*C said...

Ah, I haven't got myself a chafing injury yet. Perhaps I'm not working hard enough?

But then 6:30 min is fast for me. On the tread mill, I run about 3km in 20 min, but on the street I seem to slow down... I'm aiming to do the Perth city to surf in August - clearly I've got a long way to go though!

Are you doing a training program or whatever takes your fancy at the time? Are you working toward a goal?

The Girl said...

Perhaps you are not running anywhere disgustingly humid enough. ;) I also have skin that is quite sensitive to chafing and blisters, so I have to watch myself. I had to stop wearing my iPhone on an armband because of chafing. I'm speshul like that.

Which event are you wanting to run in for the City to Surf? There are a few that look like fun.

Street running is a lot harder than treadmill running, but a lot more interesting, even if you just tend to run around the park like I do. I tend to train where there are a lot of hills, so running an event that is almost flat feels like a blessing.

I am doing a training program based on the Run Coach app for my iPhone. It varies the runs, including long runs, pacing runs and easy runs, and is building up to a 10k event at the start of June which I thought was a good timeframe.

If I can get down to below 1 hour for that event, then I'll work towards doing a half-marathon in August or so.

I'll be able to run that far by then, but I figure that if I am too slow, it would be a bit boring. ;)

The Girl said...

When I say "building up to" it means that I'm training to be able to run it faster, which involves quite a lot of runs that are longer than 10k, so that on the day, I'll be able to go faster without feeling like I'm stretching myself just to finish.

*C said...

Well, I'll aim to avoid the chafing all together!

I'm aiming to do the 12km run. I've always thought I couldn't run, so to get this far has been an achievement in itself :P It's not quite a half marathon, but it's a nice feeling to be moving more easily and feeling my body change in all the right places!

Dragonfly said...

Yay frozen spinach..