Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day

I was tempted to try an April Fool's prank on Mr TGWTBS this morning.

All I could think of was telling him that I'm pregnant (I'm not).

Then I thought, if I told him this and then he was happy, I would have to tell him that I wasn't, and if he was disappointed that would just feel mean.

I'm no good at lying. I had to settle for telling him the plan and not trying to make the prank work.

What a wimp! :P


Dragonfly said...

Er. Congratulations on your pseudo pregnancy?

*C said...

I thought of exactly the same April fools... except I chickened out and told him of my hypothetical April fools instead. He didn't think my joke was very funny so perhaps it was a good thing I chickened out too.

The Girl said...

Yes, it really isn't something you could joke about unless it was so extreme as to be utterly unbelievable, is it?

Maybe when we are 50 we can do it and it will be funny. :P