Sunday, June 26, 2011

Things I Have Learned During Internship #4

A few brief extras, suitably random:

a) Find a system that works for you. You may carry around a clip-board with printed notes, a card system in your pocket, some big plastic box with everything you will need should there be a mini-apocalypse at the work station that wipes out all of your request forms, an iPad or just a scrap of paper that you keep in your pocket with the salient information on it for the day.
Feel free to change this at any point. Just don't lose all of your patient information and then have everything explode and fly everywhere in the middle of a busy ward round because you won't recover until later in the day and this will throw off your groove completely and not even a big cup of coffee bought for you by a sympathetic medical student will help.
Also, what works for one rotation will not work for the next in the same way.

b) Having a weekend off any responsible adult activities and subsisting on Indian takeaway, toasted sandwiches and Twisties will leave you feeling crappy. Add wine to this list and your mouth will taste terrible by the end of the two days.

c) On-line shopping: Good for a temporary mood boost, both at the time and when that package you have forgotten ordering arrives a few weeks later. (Yes, being in Australia and ordering from the USA teaches you patience.) Unfortunately, it is easier to spend more than your overtime and you may not get paid it correctly anyway, so be a bit penny-wise while having some fun.
On-line shopping where you buy exercise DVDs that you actually use must be a positive, seeing as you don't have time to even see the sun any more, right?

d) Applying for your next job roughly 6 months before you will be starting it is a strange experience. I'm just starting to really feel comfortable as an intern, but not only do I have to start considering where I might go next, I need to actively plan and apply for it.

e) Paying somebody to clean your house is a luxury, but it is a brilliant one, and may save your life by preventing the next super-bug from its genesis in your uncleaned shower. That is my excuse, and I'm sticking with it.

f) You will have loads of tips for other interns, but you may lose the attention span and motivation to write them down on a blog post, and go with random stuff instead. All of the iPhone apps and personal diaries in the world cannot help you, your only saviour is the passage of time and the hope that one day you will be finished internship.

I really meant to write something more useful, but alas my brain is in a field somewhere frolicking in the sun and is refusing to stop playing and come back inside the house, so I'll stop now before this degenerates into a drivel of random words.

Take care.


DMH said...

thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

thanks for following my blog. and i would say, i learned about online shopping during internship too...and it is now still my worst habit, 4 years later!!

The Girl said...

No problem. Never buy boring things from the shops when you can buy hand-made pretty things on-line, I say. :)

Solitary Diner said...

I completely agree with the housekeeper! I hired one in my third year of medical school, and it is the single best thing I do for myself. I'd give up the online shopping long before the person who keeps my apartment from being overrun by the chaos.