Saturday, July 2, 2011

Going wild

When I am at home, particularly when I'm doing medical-related things (like study), I like to do things that are verboten at work. These aren't things that a non-medical person would realise are particularly exciting, but when you aren't allowed to do them all day, sometimes it is fun to go a bit wild at home.

These days I like writing in coloured ink. Yes, I like blues normally, but since starting work as a junior doctor, I like to branch out and go wild at home, occasionally taking leave of all common sense and writing in pinks and green.
(It is compulsory to write in black ball-point pen in medical documentation where I work.)

I like to use white-out. I always avoided the stuff in the past. Now that I am not allowed to use it, it is liberating.

It is nice not having to sign and date every single time I write something down.

One day I will be senior and hopefully in private practice. I will either use a computer all day (and the notes won't go missing after they are printed out because somebody does not realise that all information about a patient's admission is slightly important) and/or I will go wild and write in dark green fountain pen. I can dream.

When I start writing in red crayon at work, it will be time to retire. Unless I'm in a paediatric therapy session. Actually, this is another reason to work in paediatric psych - the promise of using coloured pencils or crayons for work-related activities. ;)

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