Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sometimes things shift in life, and you feel like you have grown a new pair of eyes. Or new lenses.

Things don't look the same, it is as if you have just bought a new pair of glasses and you look at a scene that you thought you understood before and find that there are so many details that you just didn't notice, and you are just now starting to see them.

Life still does that to me - it still surprises with little details that change the whole picture. People aren't always right and they aren't always wrong, they are just people, and life is the same.

Nothing really prompted this post, it is just random. But sometimes it is good to know that you never stop maturing, and you never stop learning. Because if I never stop learning, than I am never really fully grown up yet so perhaps part of me has an excuse to always be immature. ;)

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