Sunday, January 7, 2007

Change of Address

I just changed the address of the blog to reflect the change of name that occurred a few weeks ago. Now that I am in the no-man's land between being a student and being unemployed, I need creative procrastination techniques and it is too hot to clean.

I hope this hasn't put anybody off who was reading the blog, and I hope they can find it again. It is unfortunate that the old address doesn't link here directly.

I am going away on holidays for a week and a bit on Tuesday, and we are having a friend house-sit. This means that I really have to clean the bathroom and the fridge or she might take one look at either of these things and walk back out the door! Thankfully cleaning the shower, the fridge and the fishtank are all quite cool activities, so I might get on it now while the weather is hot and I feel like doing something.

Also, for fun:

Your Career Personality: Organized, Responsible, and Future-Oriented

Your Ideal Careers:

Biomedical engineer
Business executive
College professor
District attorney
Hedge fund manager
Investment banker
Military leader
Political strategist

Are you telling me that I should just skip medical school and become a military leader? How does somebody become a military leader, anyway? What would you have to list on your resume? "Good at skirmish. Likes chess. No fear of blood on hands. Completed Certificate II in Troop Rallying."

Can't say I have even seen an ad for a "Military Leader" in any kind of employment listing. I guess it's a closed market.

I also love the fact that "Surgeon" is listed on the same list as "Military Leader". I think I am completely unlikely to pursue a career in either.

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