Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Hooray! More of knowing very little! Lucky for me I have had a lot of practise at knowing very little, and am quite good at being positive about it.

Hopefully in the future I will get worse at knowing very little, and so will know very little less often. This will come with further study and brain storage space, which may involve donating the part of my brain which is currently devoted to keeping me sane. However, I'm not sure which part of the brain that is, as I still know very little, and thus can do very little to preserve my hold on sanity.

I have started compiling a list of words at the end of my study revision notes for each week, to jog my memory and try to remember. I call it my Dummy's List. Hopefully with the aid of my list, my lack of fear about being seen to know very little, and my new-found insanity driving me to study at all hours (because if I could choose a way to be crazy I would choose OCD study-nut right now!) I will eventually progress from knowing very little to knowing slighty more than very little. Ah, I can only dream!

And no, I haven't been drinking. Not one drop. Perhaps that is the problem.

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