Monday, August 20, 2007

Cats in the coriander

My day was making me VERY UNHAPPY. Unhappy enough to go into the Room of Screaming and Smashing. (I don't actually have this room. But sometimes I wish I did!)

Sometimes I hate the process of medical school. I hate PBL. There is no good side to PBL. I hate it. There is also something about nice people being medical students that makes me hate them from time to time. Actually it is the way some of them act when they are medical students.

If you don't know something, then you don't know it. Considering that we are all STUDENTS, we don't know enough of anything at this point in time to shout each other down. This is just RUDE. (This is one of the main reasons I still work. Being at the hospital and working keeps me sane. Plus, I love being around patients.)

Just when I thought it was all a bit too much, I found that Ah Yes, Medical School is going to have a sequel: Ah Yes, Residency.

Also, my chili bush is starting to flower. Which means chillies will be arriving quite soon.

Oh, and when I arrived home, our strangest cat was in the front yard sampling my coriander pot-plant which I had put out on the ground to catch some rain. Yes, I know he was eating my herbs. But there is something funny about a cat eating coriander. Afterwards, he told me that he prefers celery leaves.

(N.b. He didn't ACTUALLY tell me that he prefers celery leaves. However, he eats them with much more gusto when they fall out of the fridge. This is even funnier that him eating coriander.)

So now I am going to have a thump on the piano and get back to study.


Terra said...

Ooh you changed your colour-scheme!! Very nice!!! :)

The Girl said...

Yep. Felt like I needed a change. Tasteful, I think you'll agree. ;)

The Shrink said...

Oooh, pretty.

Me likes.

Liz said...

I hate PBL too. And it doesn't get any better in 2nd yr. People still think they knows things and would sometimes rather spout off theories then look it up in the textbooks right in front of them!:)
That being said, i do like my current PBL better than the last few.