Thursday, October 18, 2007

Medical School Exams

I have a theory about medical school exams and what you need to learn to pass.

Just a small warning to anybody who is in med school or about to start, and who hasn't done any exams yet: I honestly think that if you learned only what was covered in lectures and practicals, you would not pass.

My theory is *ahemahem* that in order to pass exams in medical school, you need to study like mad for the weeks prior to the exam and hope like hell that enough of the RIGHT information sticks in your brain so that you can get the result that you want.

(I also believe in studying as you go along, however a lot of things slip out of your brain after a few months, so in theory, those weeks of cramming should technically be revision. I blame the big holes on the sides of my head for any information leakage that occurs, and need to revise with a capital R.)

Doing past exams can help you target this information, however there will always be several "WHAT THE HELL??!!" moments in any exam. Guaranteed. As long as they make up the minority of the exam, it is all good.

I am trying not to get stressed. After all, how am I going to handle college exams and actually working as a doctor if I find first year medical exams overwhelmingly stressful. ;)

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