Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The power of MRI

This is an MRI scan (from Radiology Picture of the Day) of the outer ear.

Why are we learning clinical examination skills, when I will just be able to fill out a request form for a scan of the relevant surface anatomy and have the radiologist and radiographers do the work for me? ;)


Harry said...

hehehe maybe they'd be so kind to do my pbl for me also?!

The Shrink said...

Y'know, some specialities don't have blood tests showing abnormal haematological or biochemical indices giving you a diagnosis, or imaging studies showing what's wrong . . . we've still to dabble in clinicalness some of the time ;-)

The Girl said...

Couldn't you still utilise a 3-D MRI to examine the overall disposition and facial expression of the patient? :D