Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sit! Stay! Study!

I have been studying like the mad and rabid study creature that I am. That is, I have no attention span, snap easily and graze a lot!

I have rediscovered the joys of caffeine in a mild way, and am working on the theory of "breadth, not depth" in my studies.

If all goes well, in a month or so I will be finished with my first year of medical school, and will be even closer to getting out into the real world as a doctor! Yes, this does frighten me a little. However, if I doubted my ability to do a good job, I would have never applied for medical school.

Hopefully by the time I get out into the real world, I will know what areas I enjoy working in, and I am really hoping that one will leap out and grab me. I have a few in my list, but they keep shuffling around. At this stage, it really doesn't matter.

This was just a quick post to let you know that I am still alive, and stuck in the process of hard-core study and procrastination!


Polly said...

Hello Girl!!

Has the study bunny still got your nose pressed to the grindstone with his big furry paw??

The Shrink said...

Glad things are progressing sensibly, you're absolutely right that it's best at this stage to study breadth not depth. No sense just knowing 40% of your syllabus really well and being clueless 'bout 60% of it!

On a positive note for you : I've bleary wan skies and decidedly chilly breezes here, deciduous trees shedding colourful carpets of leaves as life here takes an Autumnal turn.

The Girl said...

Polly, that study bunny is just a pest. In a month or so, he will be gone for a little while. :P

Shrink, I have always wanted to see a real Autumn! It sounds very pretty. We have cooled down here a little, so I am happy because I can wear jeans without dying a horrible sweaty death.