Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Second year: brilliant! But where to start?

Apparently with first year. My favourite thing about medicine so far is that further study is based on simpler things that you learned (and subsequently forgot) in the earlier year of the course. Brilliant!

I love the fact that we are now learning more about pathology. The processes are just fascinating. Reading about them is great. Memorising them is not so fantastic. But it is still brilliant!

The textbooks I collected last year are all coming in handy, and there is always a book on hand that has the information I need, so I don't have to spend time trying to get onto the electronic web versions provided by our library which are often too busy to access. Books are brilliant!

We get more clinical time with patients, which I love, as they have the most interesting stories and impressions of life and each one has such a different tale to tell, which is brilliant! I even like it when they mistake me for a nursing student because I'm a girl - it makes me laugh a little on the inside and be glad that times have changed, as compared to 50 years ago, equality is now brilliant!

And yes, I have recently acquired a copy of all seasons of the Fast Show. Let's just say that it, too, is brilliant. ;)


The Shrink said...

Huzzah! Much goodness! :-)

Only gets better when, with the information you've studied, anguished over, memorised and half forgotten you then get more and more clinical, it all becomes more and more meaningful and finally all comes together making sense.

Bongi said...

enjoy. always maintain your positive attitude. to study medicine truly is a privilege. that is, dare i say, brilliant.

Harry said...

Good stuff!

I can't wait to get to the second year, and more so to the clinical years...