Friday, February 15, 2008

Funny things

What funny things have you noticed that have changed about yourself since becoming a medical student?

I now read things much more thoroughly, whereas before, I skimmed most documents. I noticed this today when reading (of all things!) the introduction section to a diet cookbook. Not only did I read it, I remember most of it. Clearly, my brain has shifted in to "study mode". In my off-time, I am trying to shift it into "relaxing mode" via the intermediate stage of "television mode".

Having to learn something more than once is now considered perfectly normal. I'm well into the acceptance stage, here. :)

I now understand more of House. It makes even less sense than before. ;)

Medstudentitis. Feeling tired? Leukaemia! That spot on my brother's back? Could be melanoma! Feeling down? SAD! Unwell after drinking spirits? Must be early diabetes!

At least I am enjoying it.


Polly said...

For me it has been medstudentitis... and compulsive textbook buying-something I avoided if possible in undergrad ;)

Dr. Thunder said...

I definitely relate to medstudentitis. I'm not sure I've ever gotten over it. Do I know have registraritis?

You need to patent that disease. Oh, and get it named after you. That's every doc's dream :D

Dr. Thunder

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