Friday, March 21, 2008

Any Friday off is a Good Friday

However, this one is followed by a Monday off, which I suppose makes it better than all of the others!
Plus, come Tuesday, the best cheap chocolate-buying time of the year begins. ;)
This year, I plan to be eating lots of chocolate bunnies!!! 
Yes, the picture is much, much longer than the blog post.
But look at those bunnies! Don't they just scream, "Take me home and make me yours"?
I feel a personal responsibility to give several of them a good home. They will be very loved. >:D


The Shrink said...

PS : Your poll. The book I'd save would be my BNF. Most used and useful book I have . . .

Brad S said...

Lindt is my favourite (but I didn't get any this year!).

The Girl said...

3 words, Brad: post Easter sale! :D

(I didn't get any, either. But I have a plan!)

Dragonfly said...

I got one of the same bunny (and an egg to keep it company) for my Mum, was half price at Coles. There are definite advantages to catching up with the family post-Easter

The Girl said...

Nice. :)

I nearly bought one for myself at that price, but worked out that it was just cheaper to buy the block. ;)