Monday, March 3, 2008

Out there

You know you have reached a cool point in your studies when you start running across references to diseases that are shown in the X-Files, rather than the "everyday" stuff shown on the normal medical shows.

Does anybody else remember the X-File ("X Cops") when a woman spontaneously dies from symptoms of the Hantavirus, without actually having the virus, but because the haemorrhagic fever is the thing she fears the most in the world? I'm reading about Hantaviruses now. Great stuff. (To read about, not to have!) :D


Lala!! said...

Hi! love your blog!

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The two weeks on a trolley team said...

I know nothing about Hantavirus. But if you can die from it just by thinking about it...then I shouldn't have read your blog today :P

Dr. Thunder

The Girl said...

I don't believe you came to Australia without learning about Hantavirus!! (Kidding. :) )

Perhaps you should spend some time understanding and conquering your fear, then you will be free from the danger of psychosomatic haemorrhagic fever. :)