Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fresh is best

 Stupid busy supermarkets - making me save money and be healthier!!
We went to the supermarket today to buy groceries. When we got there, it was PACKED - there were huge queues in every line and it looked like a solid 30-minute wait just to get through the checkout. There were so many people walking around the store that it looked like the lines were only going to get bigger.
Seriously, what is it about long weekends that makes people panic as if armageddon were around the corner and they need to stock up on foodstuffs just in case?
We decided that this was ridiculous, so we went to the butcher directly outside the store (very friendly, helpful and good quality) and bought a variety of meat for about a week.
Then on the way home we picked up just over $50 in fresh vegetables, eggs and milk. I even went crazy and bought sugar snap peas and sun-dried tomatoes. Madness, I say! :D
All up we paid less than we would had we gone to the crowded supermarket (due to lack of processed food and junk food), saved ourselves a tonne of stress, and now have healthier fresh food for the week.
Not bad, all things considered. Now I just have to source some Tim-Tams from the corner store, bread from the local bakery (mmm, fresh bread!) and all will be well with the world. :) 


Polly said...

Easter Saturday is the second busiest day of the retail year (1st = Christmas Eve from memory). It's just like you said, people can't cope with the thought of the shops being closed on both Friday and Sunday. It's just far too much to cope with! Silly customers!

/end rant by disgruntled former large chain store employee. ;)

The Girl said...

I was talking to a lady yesterday who was catering for a family bbq, and she had to make sure there were certain types of sausage there because some groups of Christians only eat certain colours of meat (white? chicken/fish?) over Easter. I wonder if fish sales go up during this period, too . . . .