Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My theory is . . .

Introducing TGWTBS Hypotheses!
The stupidity of a question asked in class (S) is directly proportional to the volume at which the student asks it (V).
I.e., S is directly proportional to V.

My second hypothesis:
My respect for the speaker (R) is directly proportional to their ability to maintain facial neutrality (N) upon hearing the aforementioned question, multiplied by the question's stupidity (S). Further calculations to the total of R can be modified by the BS factor (being able to answer intelligently and amusingly), and subtracted from by the T factor (time - stupid questions should not take up more time than strictly necessary).

I would write out the formulae, but . . . well, I think it just isn't worth it.

Now to get published . . .


The Shrink said...

If you're after quirky research, then the Royal Society of Medicine's paper here is the best I've read in years :-)

The Girl said...

That is fantastic!! :D