Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome to the 21st century

We respect women enough on paper to allow them to become politicians but still make the most disgusting and misogynistic comments on public television, and part of the audience still thinks it is funny. (However, I like to think that I hear jeering when others work out what he has said.)
This is a great demonstration of a narcissistic personality with a God complex trying to cover his own backside on air once he realises that he has crossed the line, and failing miserably. (For those of you not in Australia, this fellow is just back on air after having been recently taken off for "counseling" due to earlier sexist and inappropriate behaviour.)
I love the fact that one of the male presenters tries to pull him up on it - watch the narcissist's reaction to him and the other men on the panel afterwards. He does not apologise - he just attacks those who don't believe his flimsy defence. 
The saddest part is that he may well get away with it. The action of the network in allowing him to still be on air says more about their attitudes to gender equality than any amount of spin ever could.
*Warning: adult language


Anonymous said...

I agree that he meant to say what he did in the context that he did, and his retort to Brayshaw was obviously an attempt to try and spin his original meaning.

But this isn't some shot against sexual equality, it's just a crude and inappropriate comment with no more depth than the thought required in coming up with it.

The Girl said...

No, I wasn't talking about him - just the lack of reaction on the part of the network.

I don't think anybody would argue that he is suffering from a severe deficiency of common sense.

To be honest, the faster everybody forgets about this the better - the publicity is only helping him.