Friday, August 1, 2008

You know you are in medical school when . . .

. . . you "enjoy" the excitement and unpredictability of databases. For some reason, the IT designed by the school of medicine seems to be less mac-friendly than PC-friendly. I love my mac, and think of it as my fourth child, after my cats.  Anybody who snubs my fourth child makes me a little sad. ;)
I am old enough to remember when uni research was done AT the university, manually searching through journals. Thankfully I am young enough that we had internet databases to find what articles to look for in the first place. While being more predictable, I will trade a little of the dependence of hard paper for the luxury of researching while my butt sits on my couch at home, paying the price of the occasional trip to the study to utilise the house PC.
You know you are at med school when you are at a party and the words, "Ask The Girl, she is a medical student!" make you bolt for the nearest exit, because chances are that the disease will be something completely obscure that you haven't covered yet, and potentially something somebody will think they know something about because they once watched an episode of Today Tonight/House/60 minutes. 
I have updated my links. Some blogs I just wasn't reading any more, and some I have added because they are very new and interesting. 
You know you are in medical school when the exam questions on drugs make the pharmacists cry. Captain Atopic has the pleasure of being both a pharmacist and a medical student.
You know you are in medical school when you are distracted from an autopsy by the inherent creepiness of the wannabe-pathologist in the same room as you, and wish that the glass was between you and the other student instead of being between you and the deceased. The Voice of Reason has decided to reveal how the psychological pathology being demonstrated several seats away can be more scary than the physical pathology that is being studied in the autopsy right in front of you. Fava beans and chianti, anyone?


The Voice of Reason said...

Hey Steth Girl,

Thanks for the plug. I honestly thought no one read my crazy rantings. Cheers,

The Voice of Reason.

The Girl said...

Give it time. Ranty blogs are unsurprisingly popular. With your consideration of the deceased in your post, I don't think you rantings are as crazy as they could be.

Milk and Two Sugars said...

Ooo, ooo, I have one: you know you're a medical student when you find yourself cringing that a conversation is working it's way towards the "what do you study?" question and attempt to change the subject really quickly before it gets there.

But, if someone should dare suggest you're going to become a nurse, you leap to your own defence. And you find you get worse as the years go by.

The Girl said...

That is so true! It is fascinating to see when a patient assumes you are studying to be a nurse, because you are female. There aren't many of them any more, but it is funny when it happens. :D