Wednesday, March 18, 2009


After reading the latest link by MJ at Trust Me, I'm a Mental Doctor, I had to work out my own personality "type" and find the results, just out of curiousity.

Because I know you are all curious, too, or because you just need a laugh, here is what the site said about my own type. (I tried to cut and paste the text but for some reason Blogger won't let me.)

It was good for a laugh, and I really don't mind being called a "Freak" - after all, there are much worse things in the world, right? And no, I'm not in the least psychic, or Schizotypal. :P

Here is a more sensible interpretation, but keep in mind that these things are only generalised tests, so people in real life don't always fit the mould. However, the comment about the "consistently messy desk" was right on the mark. 


yay said...

I discovered that I am an INTP Loser :D . Then I did the commonly confused words one and was deemed an English Genius. That cheered me up!

The Girl said...

Hooray! I would be happy with that, too. :D

The Girl said...

Woot! I'm an English Genius, too. Nau I feels speshul. :P

Dragonfly said...

I am a crackpot INTJ. Hooray!! (I don't care how you do it, as long as you do it my way, and you do it NOW).

catatonickid said...

Hi! Thanks much for blog rolling me. Have added you too.

This was fun :) I've gotten INTP before but this time I got: Almost Perfect/Pollyanna - INFP.

Do you find the whole either/or question thing a challenge? I need a 'totally inapplicable' box much of the time. LOL

The Girl said...

Catatonickid, I agree that one of the weaknesses of the test is the lack of graded answers - not many people will always do the same thing in every situation. Perhaps a "neither" answer would be just as diagnostic. ;)

A lot of us seem to be "IN" personalities. Perhaps intuitive introverts are more likely to blog than other personality types. :P