Friday, March 20, 2009

A reflection: one down, nine to go!

Today we finished our first rotation for the year, and the first out of the ten total that we have to successfully complete before graduation from medical school.

When I think about the rotation, there are a few things that come to mind. 

We needed to study and learn, but because we were seeing the content in the context of real life, it was infinitely easier to understand and retain. Due to this, I didn't need to study as much as I did during the first two years of the course. I still studied, but my retention rate was higher.

There is no such thing as a perfect rotation, even if it is an area that you are keen on. In truth, this was no surprise, as I did not come down in the last shower and haven't lived a happy little life completely devoid of boredom and pain. 

You can only get as much out of something as you are prepared to put in. If you hang around expecting to be taught but don't see any patients, ask any questions, treat people with respect or ask questions, you will learn nothing. 

I always kept in mind that staff don't get paid for teaching us, and that we are not their main priority. Staff were lovely and apologised when they had to put urgent work ahead of teaching us, and I really didn't even think twice about this - seriously, I'm going to be here for weeks and there is really nothing here that I can't learn later. Plus, if there is urgent work that I can observe or being involved with, I may just learn something different in the meantime. :) 

I am a much happier person undertaking practical activities and talking to patients and staff rather than sitting down with a textbook in a room by myself (in spite of being an introvert), so I find being on prac much less stressful. Plus, the fact that we no longer have huge exams every six months is a godsend.

Anyway, these are some random reflections to celebrate the end of my first rotation. (Yes, I loved it, yes, I want to be a psychiatrist.) I am looking forward to the start of my next rotation, but for now I have a week off. Such luxury! I should enjoy being a student while I can. 

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