Saturday, March 21, 2009

The trouble with blogging . . .

In general I try to be careful about what I say about people in everyday life. I tend to see the good in most people as well as the bad and I know that we are all human, so I think that sticking to the old philosophy of not saying anything unless you have something good to say is a good one. 

Occasionally I will say something but I generally feel bad afterwards, unless the person is a complete monster.

The trouble with blogging at this stage of my medical education is that (quite intentionally):

a) I never write anything about patients, as I have real concerns about confidentiality, particularly as a student;

b) I never write anything about staff, unless it is to share some wonderful piece of advice or experience;

c) Writing about my fellow students would be bad form, again unless they did something awesome and I would be happy to say it to their face.

At the moment I spend most of my time around students, educators and patients, so it kind of restricts what I can write about, but I hope this blog hasn't gotten too off topic. 

Perhaps I should report back on the good things I see done around me. My next rotation is in GP land, so we'll have to see where that takes me on the blogging front.

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