Monday, April 20, 2009

If only

I wish that somebody somewhere would invent a product like "Ego Boost For Med Students" in a can, and we could utilise it on days when our ego takes a bit of a bruising. 
No, I'm not talking about beer, although it could be a good substitute. ;)
(Yes, ego bruising is part of the learning process and we all need to know more than we do. However, it would be nice to only feel like this for five minutes, drink a can of Ego Boost, and then get on with the job of learning.)


Milk and Two Sugars said...

Oh gosh, yes. Praise! We need it!

The Girl said...

It is a wonder that more doctors don't end up being completely nasty cynical bastards, really. I don't think anybody can understand what it is like unless they have actually been a medical student.