Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sleepy Time

Things are going well, I'm just too tired to blog. I'm not even using my fancy new camera. :(

GP land is fascinating, but I enjoy the psych side of things most of all, and you don't get enough time to analyse that in much detail in one visit, particularly if it isn't what they are there for. I also miss the contact with other students on a day-to-day basis. It is nice to be around people who are as clueless as me, as it normalises my current state of not knowing everything. 

I think that I have also picked up a couple of minor bugs in the past fortnight, but my previously-fortified hospital-staff constitution is pretty good at heading them off at the pass before they really kick in. Lucky me. 


Dragonfly said...

Did you get a fluvax while in GP land? :-)

The Girl said...

Oh yeah. It still tickles. :)

The Shrink said...

Even if it's not where you end up, I still learnt a lot from work in GP land.

Some directly clinical stuff. Some consultation style stuff. Some managing my own time stuff. Some managing patients and their problems over the long term and continuity stuff.

I really enjoyed GP land. It was just that I couldn't spend the time on the mental health side of things that I felt they deserved. So I swapped to psychiatry. And now I'm home :-)

The Girl said...

It is great that you got so much out if it, and ended up where you are happy. :)

I feel that I'm learning a lot, and the people are friendly and helpful, so it is a nice place to spend time and improve.