Friday, January 22, 2010

Public transport

I have been catching the train in to the hospital this week. This year I am at the mega metropolitan hospital, and thus parking would be a minimum of $10 per day (plus an hour-long drive), which I really can't afford. So I catch the train.

It has been pretty good. The longest I have to wait between trains is 30 minutes in non-peak times, and 30 minutes doesn't seem as long any more, particularly when I have my iPod, notes and a novel with me. It is also a 30 minute train trip, so it isn't bad at all.

However, there are some hazards of catching public transport.

I really hate it when somebody wider than their half of the seat sits down next to me and I get squished. I'm not tiny (being very tall), but I take up only the space allocated to me by the chair and convention. I hate being butt-bumped by the hips of a complete stranger, when they squeeze into their chair and then stay there. I don't ever take issue with the weight of other people, but when it involves physical contact and invading my personal space, I get uncomfortable. It is the lack of space that bothers me - if they were the wide hips of a massively muscular person pushing me aside I would feel the same way, with the added angst about possible 'roid rage.

But what I REALLY hate is the general grossness of people, and their apathy when in public.

This morning I walked up to an empty seat (we are at the first station of the run, so it isn't a complete surprise to see an empty seat) and sat down on it in front of at least 6 or 7 people who were directly facing me.

The next thing that I felt was a huge amount of icy wetness soaking through my work pants. I swore and leapt up, seeing that the seat (dark material) was drenched in some mystery liquid.

Not one person said, "Don't sit there! Look out!" They just scowled at me when I swore and looked away. Bloody useless individuals.

I had to deal with wet pants for the duration of the trip. I don't know what it was, but I couldn't smell pee, and it was clear so I am hoping that it was just water. Still, I cut my day short at lunchtime after the compulsory tutorial was on and caught the train home (after checking the seat before sitting down) to have a shower and change my clothes.

Ah, the public. How I loathe thee.

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