Sunday, February 28, 2010

Clem7 Run

I ran my first 10k event today - well, I ran the second half because I spent the first half walking with Mr TGWTBS, but it is still a milestone for me. :)

It was extremely humid and we were running through a big tunnel underneath the main river in town, so the air wasn't great, but I am still proud of running the second half.

This is a new traffic tunnel beneath the river, and they opened it today for a fun run (10.4km, roughly) and an open day afterwards.

It seems a little backwards, doesn't it? Normally I would think that novice runners would run until they run out of steam and then walk most of the course. However, I spent the first half being social, as this was a special event that I pushed Mr TGWTBS to go in because I wanted us both to be able to say that we had walked the length of the new tunnel. When we got to the half-way mark, I felt really sweaty and warm, but I knew I had a lot more in me, so I kissed Mr TGWTBS goodbye and ran the rest of the way.

The conditions were quite punishing, so I have learned a few valuable lessons for the first time I enter my 'proper' first 10km, like bringing a little bum-bag with a bit of water in it and hydrating properly before the event. I didn't collapse like a LOT of other people (particularly in the last 2km, which were all uphill) but I was very dry and overheated by the finish.

Still, I am very happy to have taken part. :)

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