Monday, February 1, 2010


I am jumping in and doing FebFast this year.

Basically, it involves me not drinking any alcohol for the entire month of February in order to help raise money for organisations that help with our society's terrible drug and alcohol problem.

I am also participating for my own awareness, as I'm hoping to be more conscious with my drinking. I don't drink much at all, particularly as my husband doesn't drink a drop, but when you are having fun with friends it is easy to finish one glass too many, and this is something with which I'm not comfortable.

It will also be very interesting to attend big social events and be completely sober.

I am not too worried about pressuring people for fundraising, because my entrance fee plus the money donated by a few people I'm close to is an amount I'm comfortable with. I'll drop hints, but if nobody responds, that is perfectly fine by me. :)


Dragonfly said...

Sounds like a great cause!

The Girl said...

Very much. :)
I haven't had anything to drink for a week and feel better for it physically. It is quite fascinating!

*C said...

I had every intention of getting on board... but then my brother (the chef!) is coming to visit - and well - very sadly, I can't imagine entertaining him without the aid of alcohol. Hmmm.

Saying that, I'm back in the west - a way from my family and I'm lucky to have 4 standard drinks in a week. My head is clear, my skin good and I sleep well.

It IS a really good cause to support. In Australia alcohol is such apart of most adults' lives and changing cultural habits is no easy task.

The Girl said...

Maybe next year, hey? ;)