Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not in the zone

I'm not altogether into the medicine right now. Mr TGWTBS is going away for work on Sunday for weeks and weeks and I'm sad.

When I'm working in my own job and have responsibilities to take care of it is easy to get wrapped up in the work and not think about it.

It is much harder as a student. You have big gaps in the day, there is not a lot to follow up and it is harder to get involved in the running of the ward when you are in tutorials, clinics and lectures sporadically through the day.

As a result, the sadness is with me more, and I find it harder to be in the zone. It goes away when I talk to patients, do examinations, take histories and all of the little things that you get to do sometimes as a student, but a lot of our time isn't spent doing this.

I don't know if I'll be better once he is gone - I may well be, and I will be in much less of a rush to get home. Right now I just want to be home before he goes away.

It isn't a major tragedy, it is just sad, and that is okay.


Sharp Incisions said...

Mr Incisions and I are separated this year too. We used to work in the same office block, and were together almost 100% of the time we weren't actually at work, so it's a big change! I don't know what Mr TGWTBS's job is, and how that'd impact on his availability, but I've found the webcams work better than I thought they would - it has made such a difference to 'see' him, even if it's just on the screen. We're also on mobile plans where we can call each other for free, so it might be worth looking into something like that - it means I can call just to say hi without worrying about a bill. I hope the time passes quickly for you.

The Girl said...

Those are good suggestions, and we do the exact same things, too. :)
Skype is wonderful.