Monday, July 12, 2010

Exams, again

We have our exams this week for O&G. They consist of a long T/F paper, and two OSCEs where we are given a fake patient (who can be male and is also the examiner and an O&G physician to boot!) in a structured assessment situation.

I'm mildly nervous, but much less than I would have been a year ago. We have been through so many exams in the past few years that it seems so mundane and normal.

The thing that is starting to weigh on my mind is internship. I have two lots of rotation exams (including this one), one elective rotation, one MSAT at the end of it all, and then I am technically a (junior) doctor.

In studying for these exams, I keep seeing myself actually being in these situations in a year or so. This is helpful for study, as it really makes it stick, but on the flip-side it is also scary.

Quite a lot of girls I went to highschool with are now experienced nurses in the system, with over ten years on the job. I have lost contact with them over time, but it would be very strange to interact with them in a work situation, particularly as a junior doctor. I actually think that most of them would be good to work with, and if things get uncivil, we can threaten to show the rest of the staff pictures of each other in dreadful 90's garb and fluffy hair. ;)

I'm also possibly going to be doing internship at the hospital where I have worked for years in my previous profession, which will also be odd. On the bright side, I have a good reputation there in my other role, so hopefully that will make the transition a bit smoother.

I have worked and studied in the same corner of the world for my whole uni and working life. As Mr TGWTBS has said, it will be a bit of an adventure if and when we get to go elsewhere, in the not-too-distant future.


Sara said...

Good luck! We had the same kind of OB GYN exam.

The Girl said...

Thanks. It went as well as it could. :)